Dear Parents, Guardians and Families,


Believe it or not, we are well underway in the 2017-2018 school year.  I am so excited to work with you again this school year and watch your children learn and grow over the next ten months. 


If you are new to our school, I’d like to share with you that our Secondary School Transition Team hosts annual meetings, separate from the district CSE meetings, for all students beginning at age 14.  These meetings allow families and SMSD faculty and staff to meet and review students’ short-term and long-range goals for themselves. The focus of these meetings is post-secondary; students and their families discuss options and plans for when they graduate or move on from their time at SMSD.  If your child is 14 or older, one of our Transition Coordinators will be contacting you to schedule this meeting.


Updated print versions of the Student and Parent Handbook and the Student Code of Conduct will be distributed at the beginning of the year. These documents will be reviewed with the students here at school; we ask that you also review them with your child so everyone is aware of the school-wide rules, roles, and responsibilities.  Detailed supply lists will be distributed by teachers during the first week of classes.  All students received a school agenda/calendar on the first day of school.


It is truly our honor and privilege to teach and work with your children.  The faculty and staff at SMSD are tremendously dedicated to your child’s success.  Our doors are always open to you. We look forward to a successful and productive 2017-2018 school year!



Aimee Bell