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from the American Heart Association

Jim Carmody, Athletic Director and Bryan Booke, teacher/coach have been “jumping” for 5 years now and have made Jump Rope for Heart a school tradition.  What happens prior to their end of the year assembly is what’s really important however.  Jim and Bryan have taken exhaustive measures implementing heart health to their students through the use of our educational materials, online lesson plans, posters, etc.  No resource goes unused.  This year was a landmark year as Jim and Bryan arranged for the Heart Association to introduce the students and faculty of St. Mary’s School for the Deaf to Hands-Only CPR.  The entire high school participated and the training was executed perfectly. While Jim and Bryan are very familiar with adversity they did not allow that to have an impact on educating and training their students.  Every student walked away with a strong understanding of the skills necessary for implementing Hands Only CPR.

That said, Jim and Bryan have gone through great lengths to make sure that the students at St. Mary’s School for the Deaf have a strong heart health foundation.  Through the use and implementation of our online resources and lesson plans the students at St. Mary’s School for the Deaf are gaining a strong sense of heart health.  As a way to celebrate on the last day of school, Jim and Bryan host an all school Jump Rope for Heart assembly and invite all classes, Kindergarten through twelfth grade, for a 2 hour demonstration.  Jim and Bryan select students to lead the entire school in warm up exercises and then the “magic” happens.  Once warm up is complete, each class has the opportunity to demonstrate their “jump” skills and each student is provided with their own “time to shine.”   This year’s all school assembly ended in a Hand Only CPR demonstration for the entire school.  It was absolutely remarkable.

Jim and Bryan are celebrating their 3rd year as Jump Rope for Heart co-coordinators, and I would like to celebrate their outstanding and amazing efforts.  Both, Jim and Bryan, have been dedicated volunteers, teachers and advocates for the American Heart Association.  Over the years they have taught their students the importance of heart-healthy living, and also the value of helping others.  In the presentation prior to the jump event, Jim made it clear to the students that it’s important to “give back.”   Together, their passion is undeniable and certainly sets an example for all of us.