Boys' Varsity Soccer Team 2017



Front Row: Jonathan Allen, Nick Barrus, Kassim, Givon Blackwell

Back Row: Tyler Mondo-Goodrich, Francis Nguyen, Steven Bajdo, Christian Lawrence,


Ryan Brzezinski, Adnan Abdi, Isa Habeeb, Coach Bryan Booke

Not pictured- Coach Kevin LeRoy



Below are the results for day 2 of the ESDAA 8V8 soccer tournament hosted by St. Mary’s in Buffalo, NY.



Saturday, Oct. 21st

9:00 Pool B Rome (1)vs. New Jersey (1)

10:00 Pool B SMSD(7) vs. West Virginia (1)

11:00 Game 1  Rochester (2) vs. New Jersey (0)

12:00 Game 2 PSD/MN (3) vs. SMSD (0)

1:00 Game 3 Rhode Island (0) vs. NYSSD/Rome (1) 5th/6th

2:00 Game 4 New Jersey (0) vs. St. Mary’s (1) 3rd/4th

3:00 Game 5 Championship-PSD/MN (4) vs. Rochester (0)


Tournament Results




2nd Place: Rochester


3rd Place: St. Mary’s


4th Place: New Jersey


5th Place: NYSSD/Rome


6th Place: Rhode Island


7th Place: West Virginia


Team Sportsmanship:West Virginia


Team Shooting Champions:St. Mary’s


Individual Shooting Champion:Jonathan Allen/St. Mary’s 7pts…13.91 sec




1.Nasir Ford/Pennsylvania

2.Jacob Cross/Pennsylvania

3.Noel Rodriguez/Millneck

4.Bode Aggas/Rochester

5.Courtney Gentzke/Rochester

6.Nick Barrus/St. Mary’s

7.Isa Habeeb/St. Mary’s

8.Naim Webb/New Jersey

9. Evan Hawkins/NYSSD Rome

10.Timothy Jallah


                                     11.Myriah Saville/West Virginia



Tom Berry MVP- Nasir Ford from Pennsylvania School for the Deaf



Thursday, September 14th, 2017


The Bisons opened their regular season schedule on the road yesterday kicking off against the NFCAA expansion club from Chesterton Academy.  Throughout the course of the week, the coaching staff preached playing smart, playing hard, and playing together for the full 60 minutes.  We stressed applying more offensive pressure on our opponents and taking more shots.  From the get-go, it appeared that both teams were pretty evenly matched and that both clubs were going to play stingy on their own back end. With just under 5 minutes to play in the 1st half of the contest, the Charges were able to capitalize on a minor defensive breakdown and slip a shot past Christian Lawrence to take a 1-0 lead into the break.  During the intermission, the coaching staff continued to praise the players as to how well they were playing and following the game script we had planned out.  We told the players that if they put together a similar 2nd half that there was a good chance we could beat our opponent.  After a few adjustments, John Allen,  Tyler Mondo-Goodrich, and Kassim Kassim were able to contain the Chargers to just 4 shots on goal in comparison to our 8 shots that we took.  Nick Barrus turned two of the 8 shots into a game-tying and a game-winning goal.  The Bisons are now 1-0 in the NFCAA.  Congrats to our boys on winning their match and starting off the season on a positive note.  Our next match is a week from today as we travel once again to take on our ESDAA/I-90 rival the Wildcats from RSD at their Homecoming tournament.


Overall Record: 1-0

Individual Stats:

Nick Barrus- 2 goals

Christian Lawrence: 5 saves 


Rochester School for the Deaf Tournament- September 22-23, 2017




The Bisons traveled to Rochester School for the Deaf for their annual homecoming tournament.  In the first of a set of “round robin” match-ups, we just happened to be selected as the Wildcats first opponent.  Both teams were playing stout defense.  Christian Lawrence came up with some key saves in goal to keep the game competitive.  Although the Wildcats had a 2-0 lead with just under 15 minutes left to play, Nick Barrus rang a shot off the opposition crossbar and Givon Blackwell was in a perfect position and did an excellent job of following the shot and anticipating the rebound.  Givon headed the ball past their keeper for his first goal of the season and closed the gap to within one score.  Despite a few more solid opportunities, we couldn’t tie the game and ended up suffering our first loss of the season 2-1.


Overall Record: 1-1


Individual Stats:

Givon Blackwell- 1 goal (1st of the season)

Christian Lawrence- 7 saves




Despite having just played, the way the tournament format was created it forced our team into another game back to back against division 1 powerhouse Ohio School for the Deaf.  The Spartans appeared bigger, faster, stronger, and visibly fresher considering they hadn’t played a game yet.  Our boys were already exhausted from a competitive contest against Rochester, not to mention that we were dealing with the temperature outside climbing into the upper 80’s.  OSD dominated the game from start to finish.  With no gas left in our tanks, we did our best to not give up despite our opponent scoring 6 unanswered goals in the first half and twice more in the 2nd half.  The coaches explained to our players during the halftime that games such as these are a true test of our team's character and our ability to stick together.  It tests our patience and our ability to control our emotions.  It should be noted that we weren’t shutout and with 2 minutes left in the match, Isa Habeeb was rewarded for his tenacity by scoring his first goal of the season with a shot that slipped through the goalie's legs.  Once again, the coaches gave our boys a lot of credit for hanging in there and getting through the game without giving up despite all of the adversity.  The final score was 8-1.


Overall Record: 1-2


Individual Stats:

Isa Habeeb- 1 goal (1st of the season)

Christian Lawrence- 16 saves




The following morning the Bisons took on the Panthers from Pennsylvania School for the Deaf to determine 3rd place overall.  Prior to the game, we explained to our players how our team’s character would be tested yet again in our ability to move on past yesterday’s double loss and focus on the task at hand.  The coaching staff has always implemented the “24-hour” rule.  Which states that our players have 24 hours to celebrate a win or get over a loss and then move towards putting their attention on the next opponent.  We wanted to start fast and immediately attack the Panthers in an effort to put them back on their heels.  Although we opened the game with a barrage of shots, only one of them got through from Nick Barrus.  Unfortunately, our defense had pushed up a little too far and PSD caught us on a breakaway and knotted up the score 1-1 heading into halftime.  After an exchange of goals by both teams in the 2nd half, the Bisons were able to grab the lead for good as a result of a direct kick from  Kassim Kassim that found its way into the back of the Panthers net.  The 4-3 victory gave us 3rd place overall.


Overall Record: 2-2


Individual Stats:

Nick Barrus- 3 goals (3rd, 4th, and 5th of the season)

Kassim Kassim- 1 goal (1st of the season)

Christian Lawrence- 11 saves


Tournament all-stars: Nick Barrus & Christian Lawrence


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Bisons had their 2nd NFCAA league match yesterday against the Stanley G. Falk School.  Unfortunately, we had 2 starters out of the line-up which impacted how we were planning to attack our opponent.  It should be noted that although the heat wave had an effect on both teams, the fact that we had no available subs put our players and team at a strong disadvantage. That said, the Bisons came out flat.  We made some costly mistakes in the 1st half that allowed Falk to take a commanding lead 4-0 and we spent the rest of the match attempting to recover and play catch-up.  When we were able to finally clear the ball out of our own end, which presented many challenges for us yesterday we were able to have some quality scoring chances.  Unfortunately, Nick Barrus who has been our biggest offensive threat thus far this season had 3 great shots on goal that each hit a cross bar and both goal posts.  Isa Habeeb was able to capitalize on a penalty kick to get us on the scoreboard and keep us from getting shut-out.  We did play better in the 2nd half and we were only outscored by one goal in the remaining 30 minutes.  The final score was SMSD: 1 vs Falk: 6.  Please continue to support our efforts as we look to get back to .500 this Thursday at home against Chesteron.


Overall Record: 2-3


Individual Stats:

Isa Habeeb- 1 goal(2nd of the season)


Christian Lawrence- 8 saves 


Thursday, September 28, 2017


Yesterday we had an NFCAA league match against Chesterton Academy.  It was the 2nd time in our home and away series that we have kicked off against the Wolverines.  It was deaf awareness week, so not only were we motivated  to showcase our skills in front of our deaf community,  but we as a team were looking to bounce back after a lack luster performance this past Tuesday.  During practice we corrected some of the basic mistakes we made earlier in the week and made some minor position changes in an effort to get back to .500 and stay ahead of the pack in our league.  Nick Barrus opened up the scoring on his way to having his second hatrick (3 goals in a game) of the season with a rainbow shot into the sun that the our opponents keeper had no chance of saving. The action was back and forth as  both clubs took turns with the lead during the match.  Despite playing considerably better, the Bisons were actually down by one goal at halftime.   The coaching staff settled the boys down and explained that with the quality scoring chances we were creating so far, the score could’ve easily been reversed.  If we continued to play smart we could come out of the game with a win. Our efforts in the 2nd half paid off.  We continued to pepper the other team with shots and it wasn’t long before Adnan Abdi scored his 1st goal of the season and Givon Blackwell “picked up the trash” and scored his 2nd of the season off of a rebound shot from Kassim Kassim.  Once again, Christian Lawrence stood tall between the posts and did what was necessary to keep the other team from knotting up the game.  The Bisons won by the final score of 5-4. Once again we would like to thank all of our deaf community for coming out yesterday and rooting us towards victory.  Our next match is next week Thursday away against the Stanley G. Falk School.


Overall Record: 3-3


Individual Stats:

Nick Barrus- 3 goals (6th, 7th, & 8th of the season)

Givon Blackwell- 1 goal (2nd of the season)

Adnan Abdi-1 goal (1st of the season)


Christian Lawrence-(7 saves) 


Thursday, October 5, 2017


The Bisons took on the Stanley G. Falk school in another NFCAA league battle.  Our goal was to have a better showing this time around against the Falcons who dominated our first match.  The coaches preached hard work all week during practice and the boys efforts paid off with a competitive game.  We started off quickly by striking first & second with a few blasts from Adnan Abdi to take a 2-0 lead.  It was clear that we had caught our opponent a little off guard in the first half and showed them that we weren’t the same team they had played against prior.  At halftime, the Falk school made some necessary changes which included replacing their keeper and moved some players into different positions.  Unfortunately, the Bisons didn’t adjust well and were put back on our heels for the majority of the second half.  It wasn’t long before the Falcons had tied the game and were threatening to take the lead.  We were able to weather Falk’s attack for the most part with the help of Steven Bajdo who was able to get into his first game of the season.  However, with 4 minutes remaining in the match, our opponent was able to break the tie and take a 3-2 advantage. With barely anytime remaining, we were unable to counter on the scoreboard and ended up losing by 1 goal.  Although the Bisons didn’t get their desired result, the coaching staff was proud of their hard fought efforts. Our next match is next week Tuesday after the long weekend against our I-90 ESDAA rival the Wildcats from RSD.  Please continue to support Bisons soccer.

Overall Record: 3-4

Individual Stats:

Adnan Abdi- 2 goals (2nd & 3rd of the season)


Tuesday, October 10, 2017


The Bisons played host to our WNY I-90 rival Rochester School for the Deaf yesterday afternoon.  Our team started off the match looking a bit lethargic having had a 4 day Columbus day weekend break from soccer.  Unfortunately, it took us about 15 minutes to truly find our feet. Luckily, Christian Lawrence had one of his best games of his career in goal and was able to limit the damage to just 1 goal from the Wildcats in the first half of play.  Once our boys were finally able to shake off the rust, we began to gradually spread out the field and establish a counter attack.  That said, no matter how much effort you put forth, sometimes its having a little luck on your side that can sway momentum in your favor.  In an effort to clear the ball out of our defensive zone, Ryan Brzezinski launched a kick that covered ¾ of the soccer field.  Although the kick wasn’t intended to be a shot, it found its way over RSD’s goal line to knot the score 1-1 at halftime.  Both teams and the officials stopped for a solid minute just to appreciate what everyone had just witnessed.  The official said in all of his years he has never seen a goal from that distance.  In the 2nd half, the Bisons used that spark of luck to take it to the Wildcats.  Another goal by Nick Barrus gave us a 2-1 advantage on the scoreboard. With 5 minutes remaining in the game, it was clear that Rochester was playing with more sense of urgency and with the help of an extra attacker on offense, they were able to even up the score at 2-2 with a head ball off a corner kick.  Both clubs had a few more chances to try and win the game but both the teams defense’s  were up to the task and didn’t allow another goal.  The game ended in a 2-2 tie.  After the match, both teams walked away knowing that in a few weeks they  have the opportunity to play one another again at the annual ESDAA soccer tournament.  It will then be determined  who has the better team this season.  In the meantime, please wish our boys congrats on earning a tie against RSD and wish us luck in our next match which is this Thursday away against NFCAA league opponent CAWNY.

Overall Record: 3-4-1


Individual Stats:

Ryan Brzezinski-1 goal (1st of the season)

Nick Barrus- 1 goal (9th of the season)


Christian Lawrence- 9 saves  


Thursday, October 12, 2017


The Bisons travelled to North Tonawanda yesterday afternoon to face off against the Eagles from the Christian Academy of Western New York(CAWNY).  This was our first of two meetings against  CAWNY this season. Once we arrived to the game it was clear that the boys were going to get a little dirty.  The field was completely water logged with giant standing puddles all over.  The conditions were borderline non playable but with no other dates on the calendar to make up a postponed match we were forced into action.  Both teams seemed to struggle in the first half of the contest.  Any time an attempt was made to advance the ball into the other team’s offensive zone, it would sink into the ground and not move.  The Eagles as well as the Bisons couldn’t dribble or make any type of fluid pass to set up scoring chances.  The score was 0-0 at halftime and both benches were trying to figure out a strategy that would help get their squad on the board.  In the 2nd half of play, both teams spread out the field in an effort to keep the ball out of the middle where the majority of water was.  The Bisons had some solid chances to score but all of our shots either went wide or over the cage.  Unfortunately, our opposition took advantage of their  opportunities and were able to sneak a few past our keeper.  As the game wore on, we were forced to take some more offensive risks by pushing up the field and adding an extra offensive attacker.  That however left our defense exposed to some odd man rushes by the Eagles which in turn resulted in a 3-0 loss.  The Bisons will learn from this experience and use it when we play CAWNY again next week Tuesday at our house.  This will be our last tune-up before we host the D2 ESDAA soccer tournament next weekend.  Please wish our boys luck.

Overall Record: 3-5-1


Individual Stats:


Christian Lawrence- 8 saves 


Tuesday, October 17, 2017


The Bisons competed against CAWNY yesterday to wrap up their regular season schedule.  We had just played against our NFCAA foe last week in some mediocre conditions and lost 3-0.  Needless to say, our boys were excited to match up against the Eagles on our field this time around.  CAWNY opened up the scoring in the first few minutes of the game with a penalty shot off of a hand ball by one of our defensive backs.  Despite the mistake, the entire team was able to move past the error and stick to our game plan.  Nick Barrus was able to finally get a head ball past the Eagles goalie off a beautiful cross from Isa Habeeb to tie the game.  The goalie from CAWNY was probably the best keeper our team has faced all season and although we were able to get a few more scoring chances against him, we couldn’t score another goal.  The good news is,  our defense was also able to lock things down with the steady play of Tyler Mondo-Goodrich and Kassim Kassim.  CAWNY was also not able to beat Christian Lawrence who had another solid game in goal.  The final score was 1-1.  With that game being completed that the league records finalized that puts our team into the NFCAA playoffs for the second year in a row.  Ironically, we play against the Eagles from CAWNY again next week Tuesday on our field to determine who will play for the championship.  That all said, our immediate focus turns to the ESDAA division 2 soccer tournament this weekend being hosted by our school.  The actions begins at 11am this Friday when the Bisons take on NYSSD/Rome in the first match of pool play.  Please come out and support our team and school.


Overall Record: 3-5-2


Individual Stats:

Nick Barrus- 1 goal (10th of the season)


Christian Lawrence- 10 saves  


ESDAA 8v8 Soccer Tournament


Game #1 SMSD vs NYSSD/Rome

The Bisons played host this year for the D2 ESDAA soccer tournament.  As the host, we were able to take full advantage by getting our entire school to come out and support us as we kicked off the event with the first match against the Trojans from NYSSD/Rome.  After the first few minutes of feeling each other out, the Bisons took control of the game and gave our fans a lot to cheer about.  Isa Habeeb played like a man possessed and was able to score 3 goals for his first career hatrick.  Our defense held firm and made it so that Christian Lawrence was never truly tested in goal.  Everyone on the team was able to get some playing time which included Michael Norris who was enjoying his first ever ESDAA tournament.  The final score was 3-0.


Overall record: 4-5-2

ESDAA tournament record: 1-0


Individual Stats:

Isa Habeeb- 3 goals (3rd, 4th, & 5th of the season)

Christian Lawrence- 1 save


Game #2 SMSD vs NJSD

In our second game of the afternoon, the Bisons took on the Colts from NJSD.  In the past, every time we have played against New Jersey it has always been very competitive and although the score have been close, we have yet to come out victorious.  However, today we were looking to change that outcome.  In the first half of the match the Bisons appeared flat.  The Colts were dominating play and pinning us back in our defensive zone.  We had a bad breakdown that gave the other team a penalty shot.  However, Christian Lawrence stood tall in between the posts as he has done all season and made another clutch save that kept the score 0-0 going into halftime.  The coaches explained to the boys that they needed to pick up the intensity and play with more sense of urgency.  If we didn’t improve, we would suffer the same fate against NJSD as past years.  The players responded with a solid effort in the second half and were able to generate much more of an offensive attack.  In fact, Adnan Abdi was able to bend a shot past the NJ keeper to grab a 1-0 lead.  Despite some pressure from our opponent, we were able to hold onto that advantage for the final 15 minutes and come away with a huge win and another shut out for Christian.  The boys were very excited about finally getting the best of the Colts and were looking forward to more matches the next day.


Overall record: 5-5-2

ESDAA tournament record: 2-0


Individual Stats:

Adnan Abdi- 1 goal (4th of the season)




Game #3 SMSD vs WVSD

On day #2 of the tournament, the Bisons had to finish out their “pool B” play against the Lions from West Virginia School for the Deaf.  The Bisons were trying to win their pool by going undefeated and earning 9 out of a possible 9 points to advance to the semi-finals.  It was clear from the start that the Lions were going to have a difficult time matching our teams skill and intensity.   The Bisons jumped out to a very early 3-0 lead off the foot of Isa Habeeb.  This was the 2nd hatrick for Isa Habeeb this tournament.  Once we had a firm control of the match, we were able to make some adjustments and allow players who don’t get as much playing time the opportunity to log some significant minutes.  Francis “Frank” Nyguen , Steven Bajdo, and Michael Norris played the entire 2nd half and were able to show the coaching staff how much they have learned and improved this season. Michael served as our keeper in an effort to give him some experience as our back-up and to give Christian Lawrence a much needed break.  Frank was rewarded for all of his hard work by scoring his first career goal that helped widen the gap for the Bisons and ensure our spot in the semi-finals.  Our boys ended up winning 7-0 and captured our 3rd win in a row along with our 3rd shutout straight.  We would now put our focus on our semi-final match against PSD/Millneck.


Overall record: 6-5-2

ESDAA tournament record: 3-0


Individual Stats:

Givon Blackwell- 2 goals (3rd, & 4th of the season)

Isa Habeeb- 3 goals (6th, 7th, & 8th of the season)

Nick Barrus- 2 goals (11th & 12th of the season)

Francis Nyguen- 1 goal (1st of the season/ career)



Game #4 SMSD vs PSD/Millneck (Semi-Finals)

The top 4 teams in the tournament would now advance to the semi-finals.  The Bisons would take on a combined PSD/Millneck team for the chance to compete in the championship.  The Bisons played and beat the Panthers earlier this season but with the addition of some new players from the Chiefs, it made them a bit stronger.  This would end up being a hard fought match.  Both teams were able to swing the momentum in their favor multiple times and did everything necessary to gain even the slightest advantage.  Our opponent was able to score first.  From that point moving forward PSD/Millneck stacked their defense with some extra players and wouldn’t allow us to generate any kind of consistent attack.  We missed some golden opportunities including a penalty shot that would have tied the game.  As time wore on we were forced to take some risks and leave our defense exposed.  It ended up costing us two more goals and it became clear that we wouldn’t advance.  Despite a solid effort, we lost 3-0.   The Bisons didn’t have much time to dwell on the loss because our next match was in just 1 hour.  We had to play against the Colts from NJSD again who we had battled with the day before and eeeked out a 1-0 victory.  The winner this time around would earn 3rd place overall this weekend.


Overall record: 6-6-2

ESDAA tournament record: 3-1


Individual Stats:

Christian Lawrence- 5 saves


Game #5 SMSD vs NJSD (Consolation 3rd place game)

With both teams playing with injuries and limited gas in the tank, this game would come down to heart and who wanted it more.  The coaching staff preached to the players about how they had worked too hard this season and this weekend to just let 3rd place slip away.  The boys needed to give just 44 more minutes of effort.  We explained that at the end of the game you needed to feel as though you gave it everything you had and leave no regrets about how you could’ve played harder.  It was both keepers that kept their teams in the game and prevented the other team from scoring.  With some great saves and some excellent punts that “changed the field” , it looked like the team who made the first big mistake would end up losing.  Fortunately for the Bisons, it wasn’t us.  For the second time in as many days against the same team, Adnan Abdi took a shot on goal in the second half that New Jersey goalie had a little difficulty handling.  Although the keeper ended up eventually catching the ball, he did so on the wrong side of the goal line and the official was there to make the correct call.  Goal!!!! With 10 minutes remaining in the match, NJSD couldn’t muster enough offense to present any real threat to Christian Lawrence.  We won the match 1-0 which was a carbon copy of the result from the first time we played the Colts this weekend.  It would be our Christian’s  4th shutout in 5 games.


Overall record: 7-6-2

ESDAA tournament record: 4-1


Individual Stats:

Adnan Abdi- 1 goal (5th of the season)



1.    The Bisons finished 3rd place overall

2.    The Bisons won the team shooting competition

3.    John Allen won the individual shooting competition award


My assistant coach (Kevin Leroy) & myself would like to thank everyone who helped make this ESDAA tournament a success.  St. Mary’s put on a top notch tournament! The nice weather all weekend helped too. 


NFCAA Playoff Game Tuesday, October 25, 2017

The Bisons earned a spot in the NFCAA playoffs this season as they took on the Eagles from Christian Academy of Western New York(CAWNY) in a semi-final match yesterday.  After being awarded 3rd place at this past weekend’s ESDAA tournament, the Bisons were looking to carry on the momentum into yesterday’s contest in an effort to advance to our first ever championship.  We opened up the scoring quickly off the foot of Givon Blackwell who was able to knock in a rebound that was coughed up by our oppositions keeper.  At that point the Bisons felt pretty confident that it was going to be our day.  Unfortunately, the boys took their “foot off the gas” a bit too much and let the Eagles push up on our defense.  After a barrage of shots by CAWNY, they were able to take a 1 goal advantage into halftime.  With this being our 6th game in as many days, the Bisons struggled to really find the energy to fight off the Eagles attack in the second half.  Although we had a few chances to dig ourselves out of the deficit that we created, the 4-1 lead by Christian Academy of Western New York was too insurmountable to overcome.  The Bisons would not advance in the playoffs and finished in 3rd place in the NFCAA overall.  Yesterday would conclude our 2017 campaign.  We had a wonderful season with many improvements.  With no graduates this year we have many of our positions locked down for the future and we will look to build and become even stronger .  Congrats to the boys for an excellent job and good luck with the rest of their sports this year.


Coach Booke & Coach Leroy


Overall Record: 7-7-2


Individual Stats:

Givon Blackwell- 1 goal(5th of the season)


Christian Lawrence- 9 saves