Boys' Varsity Soccer Team 2014



Front Row: Jonathan Allen, Nick Barrus, Kassim, Givon Blackwell

Back Row: Tyler Mondo-Goodrich, Francis Nguyen, Steven Bajdo, Christian Lawrence,


Ryan Brzezinski, Adnan Abdi, Isa Habeeb, Coach Bryan Booke



Thursday, September 14th, 2017


The Bisons opened their regular season schedule on the road yesterday kicking off against the NFCAA expansion club from Chesterton Academy.  Throughout the course of the week, the coaching staff preached playing smart, playing hard, and playing together for the full 60 minutes.  We stressed applying more offensive pressure on our opponents and taking more shots.  From the get-go, it appeared that both teams were pretty evenly matched and that both clubs were going to play stingy on their own back end. With just under 5 minutes to play in the 1st half of the contest, the Charges were able to capitalize on a minor defensive breakdown and slip a shot past Christian Lawrence to take a 1-0 lead into the break.  During the intermission, the coaching staff continued to praise the players as to how well they were playing and following the game script we had planned out.  We told the players that if they put together a similar 2nd half that there was a good chance we could beat our opponent.  After a few adjustments, John Allen,  Tyler Mondo-Goodrich, and Kassim Kassim were able to contain the Chargers to just 4 shots on goal in comparison to our 8 shots that we took.  Nick Barrus turned two of the 8 shots into a game-tying and a game-winning goal.  The Bisons are now 1-0 in the NFCAA.  Congrats to our boys on winning their match and starting off the season on a positive note.  Our next match is a week from today as we travel once again to take on our ESDAA/I-90 rival the Wildcats from RSD at their Homecoming tournament.


Overall Record: 1-0

Individual Stats:

Nick Barrus- 2 goals

Christian Lawrence: 5 saves