2016 Boys' Varsity Team


Back row: Kevin LeRoy- Assistant Coach, Tyler Mondo- Goodrich, Isa Habeeb, Ryan Brzezinski, Adnan Abdi, Christopher Martin,

               Bryan Booke -Coach

Front row: Kassim Kassim, Givon Blackwell, Christopher Martin, Nick Barrus, Ian Smith-Manager


Game Recap 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

With only 6 days to prepare, the Bisons opened up their 2016 soccer campaign on the road against Academy of Aurora.  The Panthers were the NFCAA league runner up from last season and we knew we would be facing a difficult challenge.  Our opponent started off the scoring at the 15:00 mark of the first half as a result of a miscommunication in our defensive backfield.  Going into the contest, we knew that there were going to be some breakdowns with it being our first game of the season.  A few minutes later, Academy of Aurora was able to slip another shot past our keeper(Chris Martin) who was asked to fill in as our second string goalie because our starter was out with an injury.  The Bisons fought on and Givon Blackwell was able to score off a cross from Nick Barrus . That goal closed the gap 2-1 with 3 minutes left before halftime.  In the second half, both teams took their turns controlling the tempo of the game and each team had opportunities/shots.  The unfortunate thing was that do to mental mistakes, all of the Panthers shots went in and none of ours did. Final score ended with the Bisons losing4-1.  Although disappointed in the outcome, our boys played much better than a 3 goal differential and we plan to clean things up for next week when we travel to take on defending NFCAA league champion Central Baptist.  Please wish us luck this season.

Coach Booke & Coach Leroy.


Individual Stats:

Chris Martin- 14 saves

Givon Blackwell- 1 goal

Nick Barrus- 1 assist   


Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Bisons faced a difficult task in our second regular season contest.  We made the 1 hour trip down to Yorkshire, NY to match up against last season’s NFCAA defending league champion, Central Baptist.  We were still without our starting keeper (injured) and had no substitutes to give our players a rest. Our opponent on the other hand had triple the number of players then us and were able to continually roll out fresh lines against our squad.  The Lions came at us right from the get go and took advantage of our overly aggressive defense.  The score was 3-0 before the 15:00 mark of the 1st half. The second half was more of the same despite adjustments that we made.  Suffice it to say that Central Baptist was the better team tonight.    Our offense was able to get chances but nothing found the back of the net until the 20:00 mark of the 2nd half when Nick Barrus scored from close range to prevent a shutout.  The final score was Central Baptist 6 vs SMSD 1.  There is no rest for the weary as our schedule is jammed packed with 3 games in a row next week.  Luckily they are all homes games so hopefully our fans can attend some and lend their support.


Coach Booke & Coach LeRoy


Individual Stats:

Chris Martin: 10 saves

Nick Barrus: 1 goal (1st of the season)


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Bisons were desperate for a win in the worst way.  Fortunate for us the “recipe” yesterday called for the Falk school on our home field for the first time this season.  History has shown that we have been able to beat the Falcons on a consistent basis winning the head to head match-up last season. As a team we were determined to have history repeat itself and not fall behind 0-3 in our NFCAA league. Isa Habeeb opened the scoring relatively early with a blast from inside the goal box, and the Bisons never looked back.  We maintained a lead for the majority of the 1st half with the help of a stout defense led by Nick Barrus and a goal by Kassim Kassim off a direct kick  from about 40 yards out that the wind caught a hold of and went over the opposing keepers head.  Do to some continued injuries and an 0-2 start in the league, we made some schematic adjustments in the 2nd half that really paid off.  Ryan Brezezinski moved from the backfield to a forward and consequently scored twice for his first and second career goals.  The Bisons  really opened up the game and scored a total of 6 goals by 4 different players.  It was a full team effort and a great morale booster.  The final score was SMSD: 6 vs Falk: 1.  The Bisons have no time to enjoy the win because we are back on the field today to take on ESDAA  rival RSD Wildcats.  Please come out and support the Bisons as we look to continue the momentum.


Coach Booke & Coach Leroy


Individual Stats:

Chris Martin: 3 saves

Isa Habeeb: 2 goals (1st & 2nd of the season)

Ryan Brzezinski: 2 goals (1st & 2nd of the career/season)

Adnan Abdi: 1 goal (1st of the season)

Kassim Kassim: 1 goal (1st of the season)


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Bisons hosted Rochester School for the Deaf yesterday in the featured matchup.  It was the first time we’ve seen the Wildcats since last seasons ESDAA tournament where the game ended in a 2-2 draw.  Generally speaking, the make-up of both teams hadn’t really changed and  it appeared as though it was going to be another evenly contested match.  However, a few breakdowns in our defensive 1/3 gave RSD 2 penalty shots in the 1st half and the Bisons spent the remainder of the afternoon attempting to climb out of the hole they dug themselves.   Once again, the Bisons were not playing with all of our personnel but let that not be an excuse for the 6-1 defeat.  On a positive note, Chris Martin was able to come out of the goal in the 2nd half of the match and blow a shot past the Wildcats keeper from beyond the 18 yard line to prevent the shutout.  Luckily for the Bisons, we don’t have much time to dwell on the loss because we have our 3rd game in 3 days today against the Panthers who handled our squad earlier this month in our 1st meeting.  Please wish our men good luck as we look to “right the ship”.


Coach Booke & Coach Leroy


Individual Stats:

Chris Martin- (1 goal/ 1st of the season)

Chris Martin- 6 saves

Nick Barrus-  5 saves


Thursday. September 29, 2016

It’s  difficult for any team at any level to play 3 games in 3 days.  It becomes even more challenging when you factor in playing with no subsitutes on our bench and two regular starters out of the lineup.  However, the Bisons needed to push forward in our match yesterday against the Academy of Aurora.  This was our 2nd meeting against the Panthers who defeated us earlier this month in our 1st game of the entire 2016 campaign.  We were hoping to have all of our starters back on the field by yesterday in an effort to give our NFCAA opponent a different look but unfortunately we entered the contest more limited than the first time. The Panthers controlled the tempo of the game from start to finish.  We attempted to move players around hoping to find a combination that would be work against their potent offense but we unsuccessful.  Nick Barrus worked very hard trying to cover as much field as possible but he could only do so much.  He was able to score but the damage had already been done as Academy of Aurora walked away victorious by the score of 7-1.  If you see the boys, tell them to keep their heads up and get some rest over the weekend.  Our next game is October 4th at home against NFCAA opponent CAWNY. 


Coach Booke & Coach Leroy

Overall Record: 1-4


Individual Stats:


Nick Barrus- 1 goal (2nd of the season) 


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Bisons fell to Oracle yesterday by the score 10-0.  Nothing seemed to bounce our way and our opposition never took their feet off the gas pedal for even a second.  Our boys did manage to keep their composure despite the other team relentless attack.  Unfortunately, every once in a while you come across a team that is bigger, faster, and more skilled.  You just need to do your best and not give up.  If you see our boys tell them to keep their heads up.  This was our last game of the week.  Hopefully next week we will have a full line-up.



Coach Booke & Coach Leroy  


Thursday, October 13, 2016

For the first time this season, our squad was able to match-up against our opponent (CAWNY) with a full team.  We even had enough players on to substitute off our bench in an effort to provide a quick rest for those who were a little banged up.  With Christian Lawrence back from injury and standing tall between the posts, our boys  played with more confidence.  Both  teams were evenly matched and it was evident after a 0-0 tie at halftime.  It was evident  that 1 goal by either side could be the deciding factor.  Christian Academy of Western New York broke through first by scoring at the 10:00 mark of the 2ND half off a break away in which our keeper came out of the goal a little too far and got beat. However, our opponents 1-0 lead didn’t last long as the Bisons fought back and were able to create enough chaos inside CAWNY’s goal box that we earned a penalty kick.  Nick Barrus knotted the game at 1-1 with a blast past their keeper.  Regulation time ended and we went into a sudden death 10:00  overtime period which means the first team that scores wins.  This was our teams first experience with overtime and it appeared as though they were playing not to lose instead of trying to win.  That said, CAWNY scored quickly to end the game 2-1.  Despite the loss, we saw good improvement and it was an important way to prepare for our upcoming ESDAA tournament a week from today.


Coach Booke & Coach Leroy


Overall Record: 2-6

Individual Stats:

Nick Barrus: 1 goal (3rd of the season)


Christian Lawrence: 7 saves


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Bisons had their second match of the home & away series against powerhouse Central Baptist yesterday.  The Lions came into the game leading the league and looking to wrap up an automatic bye in the 1st round of the NFCAA playoffs.  Our Bisons started off fairly strong.  They had improved on some of the things we worked on throughout practice.  We were able to get some legitimate scoring chances while holding the Lions offense at bay.  However, our opponent rolled in with 20+ players and were able to make frequent substitutions in an effort to keep their players fresh. That alone put tremendous pressure on our defense to try and keep pace with the Lions rested legs.  Unfortunately, we made a few costly errors and it put us in a 3-0 hole entering the 2nd half.  We were forced to make some adjustments to try and catch up but it left us vulnerable on defense and  Central Baptist too advantage by chipping in 2 more goals.  Nick Barrus was able to put a shot past the oppositions keeper to prevent the shutout but it was obviously too little too late.  The final score was Central Baptist 5 vs SMSD 1.  We have one more regular season game this Thursday against the Falcons from the Falk school.  Hopefully we can bounce back and give ourselves some confidence before this weekend’s ESDAA tournament.


Coach Booke & Coach Leroy


Individual Stats:

Nick Barrus: 1 goal (4th of the season)

Christian Lawrence: 16 saves


Thursday, October 20, 2016

The forecast called for a wet and cold afternoon as we competed in our last regular season game against the Falk school.  We had beaten our league opponent decisively in our last 4 meetings and it was apparent yesterday that Falk was determined to not let that happen again.  The Falcons opened up the scoring with a break-away goal to take the lead.  The Bison’s responded quickly as Givon Blackwell cashed in on a rebound from Falks keeper to knot the game at 1-1.  Falk was able to score again with a shot along the wet grass that made the ball difficult to grasp and unfortunately Christian Lawrence who is normally sure handed allowed it to slip by.  Chris Martin was able to get the goal back for us by scoring his first of the season off a beautiful header.  Nick Barrus played stout defense in the second half not allowing our opposition to get a clean shot off at our keeper and giving our offense every opportunity to try and win the game.  However, despite some good chances, our forwards good not find the back of the net either.  When the announcement was made that there was  1 minute remaining in the match, it distracted our defense just enough that they took their eye off the ball and the Falcons went off on another break-away to score and win the game.  It was a tough loss for the Bisons to swallow but it was a hard lesson that can only benefit us in the future.  The NFCAA playoff picture is a little foggy with a few teams all tied up.  We aren’t sure if we are in or out but for now our focus turns to the ESDAA tournament this weekend in Rochester.  Our first match is against NJSD today at 12:30.  Wish us luck.


Coach Booke & Coach Leroy


Overall Record: 2-8


Individual Stats:

Givon Blackwell: 1 goal (2nd of the season)

Chris Martin: 1 goal (1st of the season)


Christian Lawrence: 8 saves


ESDAA Tournament Rochester NY Friday, October 21-Saturday, October 22


The Bisons travelled to Rochester this weekend for the annual ESDAA soccer tournament.  Do to some bad weather, the tournament was moved from the outdoors to indoors.  Our boys have never played indoor soccer before, but we had no other choice but to roll with it.

Game #1

Our first match was against New Jersey School for the Deaf (NJSD).  The teams were evenly matched throughout the course of the game.  However as per how the rest of our season has gone thus far, we struggled to score.  The colts were barely hanging on to their 1-0 lead with little time left in the game but it was enough to force us to take some necessary risks.  We had some of our defensive players join in the offensive attack in an effort to tie the game.  Unfortunately, this strategy left us vulnerable and NJSD was able to tack on another goal to win the game 2-0.


ESDAA Record: 0-1

Overall Season Record: 2-9


Game #2

The Bisons didn’t have much time to sulk about our loss to NJSD because we had a game just 1 hour later against Rhode Island School for the Deaf (RISD).  Last season, the Roosters caught us a little off guard and tied us 2-2.  We told ourselves we weren’t going to allow that to happen again.  We wanted to start fast and put our foot on the gas the entire game.  We scored almost immediately and never looked back.  Givon Blackwell started off the scoring and added a second tally later in the game.  Chris Martin and Isa Habeeb both added two goals of their own, and Nick Barrus finished it off with his 5th goal of the season to make the final score 7-0.  Congrats to Christian Lawrence for his first win as our starting keeper this season and his first shutout of the season.


ESDAA Tournament record: 1-1

Overall Season Record: 3-9


Individual Stats:

Givon Blackwell: 2 goals (3rd & 4th of the season)

Chris Martin: 2 goals (3rd & 4th of the season)

Isa Habeeb: 2 goals (3rd & 4th of the season)


Game #3

After the first day of round robin play, the Bisons were seeded 2nd in their pool and on the 2nd day were faced with the tall task of playing against Rochester School for the Deaf (RSD).  The Wildcats had beaten us pretty convincingly in our house earlier this season but we were looking to change the outcome.  We had a solid defensive game plan and were prepared to give it our best shot.  We half firm in the first half, only allowing RSD to score once.  In the second half, we continued to play stingy defense and were able to tie the game at 1-1.  Unfortunately, we could only contain RSD’s national player of the year for so long and he was able to find the back of our net twice to widen the Wildcats gap 3-1.  That turned out to be the final score.


ESDAA Tournament Record: 1-2

Overall Season Record: 3-10


Individual Stats:

Chris Martin: 1 goal (5th of the season)


Game #4

The Bisons found themselves in a battle for 3rd place against NJSD, the same team who had defeated us less than 24 hours ago.  We replaced our keeper with a back-up (Chris Martin), and went with a similar strategy that had worked the game before despite the loss. The Bisons went to work quickly as Givon Blackwell scored his 3rd goal of the tournament just 2 minutes into the game.  The Colts were able to respond not too long afterwards and knotted the score.  The game remained tied for the majority of the match until the Bisons let a shot sneak by with just 1 minute remaining in the contest.  SMSD lost 2-1 and finished the tournament in 4th place.  The boys were disappointed with the outcome.  However,  on the bright side many of our deaf school opponents graduate some of their impact players where as our team is such a young group that will be playing together for the next 3 years.


ESDAA Tournament Record: 1-3

Overall Season Record: 3-11


Individual Stats:

Givon Blackwell: 1 goal (5th of the season)


As a special note: Nick Barrus was awarded one of the ESDAA Tournament All-Stars!


Tuesday, October 27th, 2016

Good Afternoon,

This past Tuesday afternoon, the Bison’s participated in their first NFCAA playoff game as the #3 seed against the #2 seed Academy of Aurora.  The Panthers had outscored us in two games this season by the total of 11-2.  That said, we needed to sure up our defense in an effort to keep the game competitive enough so that we could pull off the upset victory.  Throughout the course of the 1st half our defense and keeper took on a barrage of shots and were able to turn most of them away with the exception of two.  In the 2nd half, we continued to stymie our opponent defensively and what was once easy for them to score against us became a struggle.  On the other half of the field, our offense had some golden opportunities to tie up the game.  Both Givon Blackwell and Nick Barrus either missed a wide open shot or rang a shot off the cross bar.  Either way, we weren’t able to get on the scoreboard and the Falcons were able beat us 2-0 and advance to the championship.  That was our final game of the season and although we weren’t able to accomplish all of the goals we had set forth for ourselves at the start of the school year, we are excited about the potential success for the future.  Thanks for all of your support.

Coach Booke & Coach Leroy


Overall Record: 3-12