Distinguished Alumni 


In June 2011 at our Annual Board of Trustees Dinner & Auction, St. Mary's School for the Deaf began honoring Distinguished Alumni. In Taylor Hall, we have constructed a wall where our Distinguished Alumni plaques are displayed so students, parents and staff can see some great success stories.

If you are aware of a SMSD GRAD that is deserving of this honor, you can nominate them. Please feel free to contact our committee to let us know who they are. We have honored 39 former SMSD Grads so far. You can review the honorees below.

If you have any questions, please contact Pamela Rohring, pam@smsdk12.org  or 716-335-9380 VP.


Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame Application Form - page 1page 2


VLOG- Distinguished Hall of Fame  SMSDAA .mp4


June 2017 Recipients

Distinguished Wall of Fame – 2017

         Peter Skarp '87

 Gordon Marsillo '79



Randee Pascall-Speights '99

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 Darlene Watson'68     

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June 2016 Recipients


Anthony Baskin Brian Leffler Diane Nettles


Jayme Williams David Williams


June 2015 Recipients


Suzanne Behun  Richard Carrus Stephanie Johnson
Thomas Spence Paul Sweeney Patricia Wilson


      June 2013 Recipients

Lisa Belk John Borkowski


Jeanette Grimaldi Andrew Leffler Richard Miskall        


Jack Rosenthal Huberta Wolf Uger

     June 2013 Recipients


Patrick Berrigan Steven DeBottis Dan Pordum


Francis Tadak Patricia Wolfangle


June 2012 Recipients

Dennis Berrigan Michael Cross Peggy Hlibok
Jeffrey Perri Sr. Pamela Rohring John "Pat" Sullivan


Patty Tadak Susan Wolf Downes

June 2011 Recipients

Terence Berrigan Rev. Thomas Coughlin Wendy Danels
Alice Guinane Kevin Milligan Mark Myers



Steven Nover Terri Pordum