Girls' Varsity Volleyball Team 2017 





     Front row: Kearah Kelly, Cassondra Cook, Aleyshka Rivera-Nieves, Tatyana Bean

     Back row: Coach-Wendy Chuba, Elise Watson, Julia Bronneberg, Kioneyshka Alvira-Jurado, Emma Foster

                      Coach Beth Daley


Game Updates 2017

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Yesterday the Lady Bisons had their first game of the season. We are a very young team this year and it was the first time many of these girls have come up against an opponent on the court. The girls all went out there with a strong set of nerves but they tried their best to stay in the game.  Cameron Cole, Elise Watson, and Kioney Alvira-Juardo all did their part to help the team through all three sets but it just wasn’t enough to rack up many points. Kearah Kelly had a good game, serving with all six serves over the net with no errors.  The girls have their first away game this afternoon against New Life Christian, so we will see if they can fare any better on the road.


Set scores








Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Lady Bisons played their second game of the season against New Life Christian. Even though we had a very lean squad of 6 girls they still came out ready to play. After leaving their nerves behind at their first game, they really stepped up and began working more as a team. Props go out to Julia Bronneberg who earned six service points during the game while Elise Watson and Kioney Alvira-Juardo showed great leadership and spirit by assisting in most of the teams return volleys. Although everyone participated very well, it still wasn’t enough to take down New Life and we ended up losing the first three sets. We’ll be trying again next week Tuesday for that first elusive win.

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