Grade School Soccer Team  2017



Front Row: Timothy Zeafla, Abigail Northway, Shannan Green, Abdulwadood Mohammed, Abraham Eugenio, Emily Lynn Spillman

Back Row: Coach Jeff LeRoy, Laci Stoffer, Zarielle Ormsby, Francois DeGrasse, Ifeanyi Nwabueze, Michael Norris, Briona Zuppa,                                                         Dalton Burlingame, Elliana Sanders, Caleb Zirpola, Assistant Coach Janet Brinkman and Coach Jenny White


Game Updates

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The 2017 season got off to an amazing start for the Baby Bison’s yesterday!  The Baby Bison’s shined and this season we have many new players.  The Baby Bison’s took on  Aurora Waldorf in their first game.   Laci Stoffer, Shannan Green and Zarielle Ormsby dominated on defense, while Abraham Eujenio scored 4 goals and Abdulwadood Mohamed scored 2 goals! The final score was a 6-6 tie.


Thursday, Septmeber 28, 2017

The Baby Bison’s played their second game of the season against Rochester School for the Deaf and started out strong! The defense was solid for both teams and neither squad was able to score through three quarters.  Rochester came out as we reached the fourth quarter and scored six unanswered goals as the Baby Bisons tried different tactics to help with the fatigue they were experiencing. The final score was 6-0.

The Baby Bisons handled the defeat with class and composure and know they are young and will continue to improve.


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The weather was rainy  for a soccer game last week as the Baby Bison’s took the field against Nichols. The Baby Bison’s started  with goalie Michael Norris  in net. We were able to hold off the defense until the third quarter and the score was 0-0.  Nichols scored first.   Abdulwadood Mohammed then responded and scored a goal making it 1-1.   Nichols was able to push though our defense in the fourth as the game ended in Nichols favor and we were defeated 1-6.