Grade School Track 2018

G Grade School Track Tea

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2018 Grade School Track Team



Front Row: Briona Zuppa, EmilyLynn Spillman, Dalton Burlingame, Zarielle Ormsby, Saul Alvira, Francois DeGrasse

Back Row: Assistnat Coach Janet Brinkman, Coach Jeff LeRoy, Ifeanyi Nwabueze, Abdulwadood Mohamed, Abraham Eujenio, Elliana Sanders

                  Laci Stoffer, Huusam Alahmad-Alabid, Shannan Green, Caleb Zirpola, Timothy Zeafla, Abigail Northway,

                  Assistant Coach Samantha Marguccio


Thursday, May 17th, 2018

Last night our Baby Bisons hosted the track team from Tapestry.  It was a gorgeous evening and we had a lot of spectators to cheer our athletes on.  The softball throw saw personal best records for Saul Alvira, Francois DeGrasse, Abraham Eujenio, and Abdulwadood Mohammed, who all threw over 100 feet! For the Girls, Brionna Zuppa, Laci Stoffer, and Emilylynn Spillman gave that softball a ride to go over 75 feet! The never give up attitude of Abigail Northway, Timothy  Zeafla and Caleb Zirpola is showing as their 75 yard dash times are improving shaving off seconds every time they run.  Our relay race teams of Ifeanyi Nuabueze, Zarielle Ormsby, Shannan Green , and Abraham Eujenio and  came in with a record best.  Dalton Burlingame, and Elliana Sanders are steadily increasing their distances on the standing long jump by leaps and bounds. Our last competition will be May 30th against St. Marks School. Come on our and see our Baby Bisons in action.


Thursday, May 10th, 2018

Despite the unseasonably cold weather yesterday, the Baby Bisons heated up the track with their continued hot performances! St. Marks and Elmwood Franklin Schools were our guests yesterday and everyone was giving their best efforts. Saul Alvira and Abraham Eujenio maintained their amazing numbers in the standing long jump. Emilylynn Spillman, Ifeanyi Nwebueze, and Brionna Zuppa logged in some impressive times in the 75 yard dash. Giving that softball a good ride was Hussam Alabid, Timothy Zeafla, and Caleb Zirpola. In the last event of the afternoon our relay teams of Emilylynn Spillman, Abraham Eujenio, Ifeanyi and Laci Stoffer  and Briona Zuppa, Abigail Northway, Dalton Burlingame, and Saul Alvira, gave Elmwood Franklin and St. Marks some stiff competition logging in great team efforts and amazing finishing times.  Our coaches were proud of the kids efforts and way they make other teams feel welcome at our home field. 

Thursday, May 3rd , 2018

The Baby Bisons had their first competition yesterday against St. Joseph School. We had a beautiful day and our athletes performed at the top of their abilities. Saul Alvira, Abdulwadood Mohammed, and Abraham Eujenio flew through the air in the standing long jump going over 11 feet.  Francois DeGrasse, Ifeanyi Nwabueze, Brionna Zuppa, and Laci Stoffer had some amazing distances in the softball throw.  EmilyLynn Spillman, Ellianna Sanders, Tim Zeafla, and Dalton Burlingame ran a great relay race. Zarielle Ormsby, Hussam Alabid, and Caleb Zirpola logged in some impressive times on the 75 yard dash. Coaches Jeff, Samantha, and Janet were very proud of our kids and couldn’t think of a better way to start our season! Our next meet is Thursday against St. Marks / Elmwood Franklin at home. Come on out and cheer on our kids!