Middle School Program





St. Mary’s offers an academically rigorous middle school curriculum, allowing students to explore not only core subjects with content-certified teachers of the deaf, but also classes within the arts such as Drama, Journalism, Media and Technology.  We offer direct instruction from teachers to students utilizing a Total Communication philosophy.  Our Middle School program provides students with a successful transition into high school. 


In addition to various academic field trips throughout the year, a select group of middle school ‘mathletes’ participates in a ‘Math Counts’ program at NTID/RIT in Rochester, NY in the springtime.  Throughout the year during after-school hours, students practice their math computation and critical thinking skills to prepare for this math competition with other Deaf and Hard of Hearing students from across the country. 


Below is a picture taken in Rochester during the Spring 2014 competition. 

Pictured from left to right: Dalton Planty, Christian Lawrence, Christopher Martin, Tyler Mondo-Goodrich, NTID/RIT staff Mark Sommer, and SMSD Coaches Carol Clark and Aimee Bell



St. Mary’s middle school students have the opportunity to participate in Drama classes throughout the year, where they learn how to translate written English scripts into vibrant ASL on stage.  Several middle school students were star performers in our last musical production of “High School Musical."
Below is a picture taken from the performance "High School Musical" in 2014.
In middle school, students have the opportunity to join Varsity-level sports or, depending upon age, remain members of the elementary teams to continue to improve their athletic skills. We offer co-ed elementary soccer, basketball and track.  Varsity sports include girls volleyball, boys soccer, and girls and boys basketball and track.