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The Parent Center was established in 1979 as part of the Special School of the Future and through the auspices of a grant from the Kellogg Foundation and Gallaudet College. The Parent Center has grown to be an essential link to vital resources for parents and family members.  The Center continues to address the ever growing educational and social needs of our families.  We believe our approach will enhance the quality of life for our students and their families. A partnership between school and home is the key to accomplishing this goal.  We are committed to bringing your child and family  the best possible programs, resources, and access to services. There are a number of ongoing presentations, events, and activities  which bring families together to share and learn from each other’s life experiences.



The Parent Center is a warm, comfortable area found in the heart of the school’s main building on the second floor. It includes resource materials such as DVD's, videotapes, books, access to the internet, along with catalogs for the most current technology. We provide access to various telecommunication services such as Captel phone, or a video phone with access to Video Relay Service. We believe one of our most valuable programs is our sign languages classes provided to the families at their convenience. In addition, there are ongoing events and activities for parents and families to further foster the relationship between students, parents, and school.



Our Parent Education Program is designed to provide a unique educational experience for family members of students that attend SMSD.  We provide many ways to induce creative communication. This communication will ultimately assist you in becoming an even more vital advocate in your child’s education. In addition, this exchange will offer information that is important to you and your family. Topics such as; family history, traditions, religious beliefs, social protocols, intellectual facts, moral, and spiritual values are addressed. This exchange provides practical insight on many aspects of your child's life.





"Communication is the key!”


For further information on the services available, feel free to contact the Parent Center at 716-834-7200, extension 215.

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Family Connections 

Sign Language Schedule Winter 2018

**Please NOTE: In order to meet the individual needs of our students, sign classes are only currently available for St. Mary’s parents and family members.  Lessons are planned with our students in mind