Speech and Language


Students at St. Mary’s School for the Deaf may receive Speech and Language services through the IEP process. The frequencies and goal targets are agreed upon by the Committee on Special Education members.  Therapy may be provided individually, within a small group and/or during push-in sessions within the classroom setting.   

Therapy Sessions include but are not limited to:
Developing listening skills
Developing speech production skills
Improving vocal quality
Vocabulary development 
Language comprehension
Grammar and syntax
Social language skills
Communication repair strategies
Cognitive organization skills
Augmentative communication skills
Our speech and language clinicians have received specialized training in the following areas:
Deaf/Hard of Hearing language development
Developmental delays 
Listening and spoken language 
Use and troubleshooting of cochlear implants, hearing aids, BAHAs and other assistive technology
Early intervention 
Educational audiology
Contemporary issues and interprofessional practice  
A Total Communication Approach:
Total Communication is an educational philosophy that embraces all methods of communication including amplification (hearing aids, cochlear implants, assistive technology), speech and auditory rehabilitation, sign language, speech reading, voice, written English, and visual imagery.
Who Can Benefit from a Total Communication Approach?
Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Down’s Syndrome
Cognitively delayed
Speech and language impaired
Speech/language delayed
Multiply disabled
Benefits of using Sign Language:
Sign language allows a child to communicate what they think, feel and need
Sign language supports speech development as well as literacy development
Sign language increases awareness of environment, self and others
Sign language decreases frustration and tantrums 
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