Transition Program

About The Program:

Transition planning is a process used to prepare students to make the transition from the world of school to the world of adulthood. It is a cooperative effort between the student, school, family and community agencies. When a student completes high school, it is a transition into adulthood where the most common choices for the future are college or vocational training, employment, and living independently. For students with disabilities, these choices may require a great deal of planning.

Each year all students 14 years old or older will attend a transition meeting. Their parents are also invited to attend. This yearly meeting is held to discuss the student’s transition goals for the coming IEP year as well as after graduation from St. Mary’s School for the Deaf.  Much of what is discussed will become an important part of the student’s IEP.


The Transition Team is comprised of the transition coordinators, guidance counselor, school counselor, social worker, vocational evaluator, teacher representative, and an administrator. They provide a variety of knowledge and experience to assist the student and parents in making an informed decision about the student’s transition from high school into adulthood. 


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