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Grade School Track & Field

Grade School Track & Field

grade school track


Front row: Nick LaBelle, Lily Krieger, Aran Bishop, Aiden Tojeck-Acevedo, Arriana Bannister, RJ Ormsby

Back Row: Assistant Coach Jennifer Buckley- Thompson, Assistant Coach Stephanie Catron, Shaneily Cruz- Villegas, Tha Er Say, Laurieliz Saquicela, Samiah Cade, Julian Clark, Jaryel Negron Vazquez, Analena Russi, Dylan Lewis, Coach Mike Lackey 

Track Meet Results

Thursday, May 16,2024

The team had its last home meet of the season this afternoon with Tapestry School stopping by. We had been fortunate the past few weeks with optimal weather but today was a bit hot. There were also issues with absences due to illness or injury but the student athletes forged ahead. 

Samiah Cade had new PR on ball throw and 75 yard dash. Adrita Juhi and Analena Russi also bettered their previous record for ball throw. Jaryel Negron-Vasquez had his fastest 75 yard dash of the season. 

Our last meet will be next Tuesday at St Francis High School for the Buffalo Diocese Track and Field Meet. It will be a fun event for the kids as 10 other schools are expected to attend as well. 

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Track meet vs. St Mark's. Tha Er Say had an outstanding day as she beat her previous season best in long jump, softball throw, and 75 yard dash. 

The team saw big improvements in the dash event. Julian Clark, Jaryel Negron-Vazquez, Dylan Lewis, Liliana Krieger, Analena Russo, and Shaneily Cruz-Villegas all beat their previous PR. 

Dylan had 154 feet in the throw event. Adrita Juhi, Jaryel, and Aiden Tojek-Acevedo also got PR. 

Our last home meet is next Thursday, May 16 at 3:45 vs Tapestry. 

Thursday, April 26, 2024

We had our first track meet today with great sunny weather vs Aurora Waldorf. The kids got to see how they did after a few weeks of practice. 

For the SMSD boys group, Jaryel Negron-Vasquez had the longest throw while Dylan Lewis did the best in the 75 yard dash and long jump. Nick LaBelle and Aiden Tojek-Acevedo also performed well in those events. 

Adrianna Bannister led the SMSD girls in all three events. Samiah Cade and Laurieliz Saquicela also did well. 

There will be plenty of opportunities for the Baby Bisons to improve in the times/distances from today.  They will compete on the next three Thursdays at 3:45 here at SMSD track. 

Coaches Michael L, Stephanie C, and Jennifer B