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Girls Volleyball

Girls Varsity Volleyball

girls volleyball


Pictured: Assistant Coach Nicole Gruber, Isabelle Centinello-Perez, JulieRaye Drabant, Zarielle Ormsby, Elliana Sanders, EmilyLynn Spillman, Yaindhi Garcia- Agustin, Aubrey Krieger, Coach Wendy Chuba




Tues. Sept. 17

@ Buffalo Science (Medaille)

4:00 p.m.

Thurs. Sept 19


4:00 p.m.

Tues. Sept. 24

Central Baptist (JV)

4:00 p.m.

Wed. Sept. 25


3:30 p.m.

Thurs. Sept. 26


4:30 p.m.

Tues. Oct. 1

@ Central Baptist (JV)

4:30 p.m.

Thurs. Oct. 3



Tues. Oct. 8


4:00 p.m.

Wed. Oct. 9


4:00 p.m.

Tues. Oct 15


4:30 p.m.

Wed. Oct. 16

Buffalo Science

4:00 p.m.

Oct. 18th- Oct. 19th

ESDAA Tournament


Tues. Oct. 22

Central Baptist (JV)

4:00 p.m.

Thurs. Oct. 24

“Dig for a Cure”

3:30 p.m.

Tues. Oct 29


4:00 p.m.


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@Away Game

Coaches: Wendy Chuba and Nicole Gruber

Game Recaps

ESDAA Tournament at New Jersey School for the Deaf Friday, October 27th - Sunday, October 29th, 2023

Sunday, October 29th

The Lady Bisons took on the American School for the Deaf Tigers this morning in the silver bracket championship. The girls started off strong, using their combined skills to get an easy 1st set. They went in confident in the second but couldn't seem to hold it together. The Tigers squeaked past and stole the second set away. The third deciding match commenced, and the bisons couldn't seem to get back their magic. They fell in the final and lost to ASD. The girls finished 8th overall and can't wait to come back next year to finish even higher. Please congratulate all the girls on a great season and thank you to everyone who has supported us this fall.

Set 1: 25-16
Set 2: 21-25
Set 3: 10-15

Saturday, October 28th

The girls finished round-robin play this morning with a 0-2 loss to the Marie Phillips school. We will continue to watch the rest of the round-robin this morning, then be there to start bracket play this afternoon. The Lady Bisons are expected to play around 3pm today.

Friday, October 27th

The Lady Bisons started their first day at the ESDAA tournament today in NJ. With the start of round-robin play today, the girls have been fighting for their place on the court. With an overall (mis)seed of 9th place out of 11, the girls knew going in that they were going to make their move.

The Lady Bisons first took on Lexington school for the Deaf in two sets. The girls' quick plays and fantastic serves led them to a fast 2-0 win. Yaindhi Agustin Garcia managed 3 kills in this game, making it her highest scoring attack game ever.

In our second game, we took on Fanwood (NYSD) in the second match against them this year. The girls struggled to find their footing but pulled together on some key plays. Unfortunately, they were unable to get ahead and lost in two straight sets. Isabella Centinello-Perez seemed to be their biggest target, but she didn't let that distract her. She returned 10 serves herself, keeping the girls in the fight for as long as possible.

Our last game of the night, we took on Ohio School for the Deaf. Even though they were seeded higher than NYSD, the girls refused to let them roll over them. Several long volleys and hazardous points took a toll on the girl's energy and the coach's heart. The first set we lost in a nail-biting game. But the girls didn't let that stop them. They regrouped and came back strong in the second set and finished against OSD in a 1-1 set tie. Zarielle Ormsby's amazing serves pushed us ahead, but Isabella's grace under pressure brought us the set winning points.

The girls played amazingly all around with everyone pitching in and making some awesome points. We finish off our round-robin play tomorrow morning at 8am against the 1st seeded Marie Phillips school. Once the final tallies are done, we will begin bracket play in the afternoon. Wish us luck as we continue our scramble!

Thank you,
Coach Chuba & Coach Gruber

Round Robin:
Game 1- LEX
Set 1: 25-12
Set 2: 25-14

Game 2- NYSD
Set 1: 18-25
Set 2: 19-25
Game 3- OSD

Set 1: 22-25
Set 2: 25-23

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

The Lady Bisons took on the Rochester Wildcats today in their final game of the regular season. The girls had something to prove after they last saw Rochester at their homecoming tournament. They went in confident that they would show them they weren’t the same team they faced in September. The first set, the Bisons started off a little rocky, struggling to find their rhythm. A lack of communication and aggressive play had the girls falling quickly in an 11-25 set. After regrouping for the second time, Elliana Sanders and Isabella Centinello-Perez used their strategic serving skills to inch up on the Wildcats. Great floor coverage by Zarielle Ormsby kept the girls in the game, while Emilylynn Spillman and Yaindhi Garcia also made significant plays. Unfortunately, the girls couldn’t hold their lead and fell in the second. With one set left to make a stand, the girls gave it everything they had. Aubrey Krieger earned 6 serving points and help eek the girls closer, but unfortunately, Rochester played the better game. The Lady Bisons fell in three straight sets to the Wildcats. Please congratulate the girls on a game well played and wish them luck in the ESDAA tournament that they will be participating in this weekend.

Set 1: 11-25
Set 2: 19-25
Set 3: 17-25


Thursday, October 12, 2023

The Lady Bisons took on the Buffalo Science Timberwolves this afternoon in their second match of the season. The first game was very close, but the girls wanted to prove that they could come out on top for this one. It was a tight first and second set, with both teams struggling to get a good lead. Several good volleys led to some long points across the net, but the Bisons couldn’t seem to catch a break and ended up losing the first 2 sets. The girls realized they had to buckle down and focus going into the third set. One more loss and they were done, but they refused to go down without a fight. The third and fourth sets found our girls working together like never before, and they pushed back to take the next two sets. It all came down to the deciding match where play was only up to 15 points. The Lady Bisons had the momentum, and they refused to let it go. They fought hard every set and ended up taking it all the way in the fifth set before walking away with the win.

Zarielle Ormsby leads the team with 31 total service points and 3 total service aces. JulieRaye Drabant showed off her improved passing skills while Isabella Centinello-Perez and Yaindhi Garcia both played big at the net. Yaindhi earned 3 hits today, trying to compete with Zarielle’s 4 hits and 4 kills. Emilylynn Spillman and Elliana Sanders were strong on the court, both contributing service points and covering the floor the whole game.

Please congratulate all the girls on their amazing win. This one truly was a team effort and was deserved by every one of them. If you would like to see the girls in action, our next event will be this Tuesday, October 17th for our “Dig for a Cure” cancer event. It is free to attend, but we are accepting donations for Roswell Park on that day. Our next official game will be next Thursday, October 19th, with our final match up against Central Baptist.

Thank you,
Coach Chuba & Coach Gruber

Set 1: 21-25
Set 2: 14-25
Set 3: 25-20
Set 4: 25-13
Set 5: 15-12

Record: 2-7-1

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

The Lady Bisons took on the Lady Lions from Central Baptist today. It was a tough match between both teams, and both the Bisons and the Lions wanted the win. After starting out behind in the first set, the girls rallied, and were able to catch up with some good serving points brought in by Elliana Sanders, and Isabella Centinello-Perez. They finished the end of the first set only just behind the Lions.

The second set they came in more focused and ready to play, with Zarielle Ormsby making some great plays throughout the entire game and holding the team together on defense. The struggle continued right up to the end when the girls fell to a close 22 to 25 in the second set.

In the third set, the girls struggled against one good server. Try as they might, the girls couldn't seem to get past her hard serves in the front of the court. Even with a valiant effort from Yaindhi Garcia and some quick plays by JulieRaye Drabant and Aubrey Krieger. The girls were unable to catch up in the end. They finished the third set with a loss and went home with another defeat under their belt. The girls will try again this Thursday against Buffalo Science and hopefully will get that first true win of the season. As always, we ask you to come out and show your support for the girls.

Set 1: 20-25
Set 2: 22-25
Set 3: 12-25


Thursday, September 28, 2023

The Lady Bisons took on Buffalo Science yesterday in a very close match. The girls were a little hesitant, because we were taking to the court with only 6 players and no subs for the whole game. We went in with a plan of attack and a hunger to get that first home win. It was clear, early on in the first set, that these two teams were very evenly matched. Both sides were returning volleys and keeping the ball in play, and it showed that neither team could really get a good lead. Zarielle Ormsby was an animal, refusing to let anything drop. She covered the whole floor and really came in clutch with helping her team return the ball, earning 2 swings and one kill shot. Aubrey Krieger earned 2 serving aces and Isabella Centinello-Perez earned 1 of her own, but the leading server for this game was JulieRaye Drabant. She finished with 19 serves for the game and really helped keep the Bisons in the running. Yaindhi Garcia is finding her place on the team and pulled in 18 serve receives on defense, while Elliana Sanders helped with 16 assists and 14 serve receives of her own.

Overall, the girls played a great game and had their first experience with taking the game to the 4th set. Unfortunately, they seemed to run out of gas before we could really make our move, and we ended up falling on the 4th. Please congratulate the girls on a game well played. We will have a slight reprieve and will be working on our skills before our next game, which will be away, against Central Baptist on Oct. 10th. Thank you to those who have come out to support the team, and we hope to see you all at a game soon.

Set 1: 22-25
Set 2: 26-28
Set 3: 25-23
Set 4: 15-25

Wins: 1
Losses: 6
Ties: 1

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The Lady Bisons took on the Central Baptist Lions for the second time this season. Our work over the past weekend really paid off and there was noticeable improvement in the Bisons' playing styles. The Lady Bisons fought hard in the first set, scrambling to keep up with the Lions. Some great support around the floor from Zarielle Ormsby and Elliana Sanders kept the girls in the battle, even with a small collision between the two early in the set. The girls quickly found a chink in the Lions defense and tried to exploit it throughout the set. Unfortunately, we fell just short in the first, losing by just 2 points. We started the second ready to sneak ahead and take the set. However, one bad serving rotation seemed to take its toll on the girls. With several missed passes and scrambled plays, we fell quickly in the second set.

By the third and final set, all the pieces started coming together. The ladies communicated and worked together to cover the floor, and it proved too much for the Lions to handle. We came out on top for the third set.

The girls’ net play was on point today, allowing Zarielle Ormsby to rack up 11 hits with Yiandhi Garcia and Isabella Centinello-Perez not that far behind with 7 and 6 hits respectfully. Yaindhi also earned her first service ace of her career. EmilyLynn Spillman, JulieRaye Drabant and Aubrey Krieger each made some key plays as well and all the girls really contributed to that final win. The Bisons fell in 2 out of 3 sets, but even the Lions coach said they are a team to watch out for in future games. Please congratulate the girls on a game well played and, hopefully, we’ll see you for our next game, this Thursday against Buffalo Science.

Thank you,
Coach Chuba & Coach Gruber

Set 1: 23-25
Set 2: 12-25
Set 3: 25-20

Record: 1-5-1

Rochester School for the Deaf Homecoming- Friday, September 21- Saturday. September 22, 2023

Day 1 -The Lady Bisons participated in the RSD homecoming weekend. The first game, they took on RSD in the round-robin tournament. The girls started out very shaky and struggled with some hard serves from Rochester. They quickly fell behind in the first set and couldn't scramble back. After regrouping, they entered the second set a little more prepared. The girls fought back with several good passes and a few amazing saves by EmilyLynn Spillman and Isabella Centinello-Perez.

They finished their first round with two losses to RSD.

Round Robin Game 1
Set 1: 12-25
Set 2: 15-25

The Lady Bisons then took on the Spartans from EC Drury. This was a tough match for our girls as we were pretty evenly matched. The girls really started figuring out their passing and hitting skills, with Zarielle Ormsby leading the charge. Improved at net play by Isabella Centinello-Perez brought in several key points, but a minor injury on the floor left us without a key player later in the game. Everything was OK, and we were back to full force before the set was over, but we eventually fell in the first set by 2 points. The girls came in ready to fight for the second set and worked together to take the lead early on. The Spartans were able to sneak back up to us, but a cool head led Aubrey Krieger to close out the set with an impressive 5 nail-biting points in a row.

Round Robin Game 2
Set 1: 23-25
Set 2: 26-24

After the high of their first win of the season, the girls faced off with the Fanwood Tornadoes. This was another close game skill wise, but one member of the Tornadoes' serving lineup proved to cause problems for our girls. Elianna Sanders, Zarielle Ormsby and Isabella Centinello-Perez made some key net plays that kept them in the race and JulieRaye Drabant held her own in the back row for the final set. Rookie Yiandhi Garcia held her own on the floor for the whole game with our seasoned veterans and made some beautiful saves and serves during every set. Unfortunately, all the girls' effort just wasn't enough to finish out the first or second set, and they fell to the Tornadoes.

Round Robin Game 3
Set 1: 21-25
Set 2: 18-25

Over all, the girls finished the round-robin play in third place. We will take on Fanwood tomorrow morning at 10:30 in the first round of bracket play. Wish our girls luck as we fight our way back through the ranks.

Day 2- The Lady Bisons started the second day of the RSD homecoming tournament with another match up against Fanwood. Playing early in the day was a new experience for our girls which led to some silly mistakes on the floor. Zarielle Ormsby, Isabella Centinello-Perez and Yiandhi Garcia all had great net skills and kept us in the game. Elliana Sanders leads the team at the serving line with 7 serves in a game and Emilylynn Spillman covered the back court. The girls fought hard but ended up falling to Fanwood in 2 straight sets, which put us in a fight for the third place slot.

SMSD v. Fanwood
Set 1: 18-25
Set 2: 16-25

Our final game was played against the EC Drury Spartans. The girls came in with the determination to clinch that third place spot. We started off with a little back and forth until Zarielle went on a 12 point serving spree. After that, the Spartans couldn’t seem to catch up and we took the first set.

In the second set, that boost of confidence couldn’t keep us going, and some simple mistakes and one strong server kept us from taking the second set.

It came down to the deciding set between both teams. The Lady Bisons pulled together and really worked as a team throughout the set. Good ball handling skills, and some pivotal serving led to a quick win that brought our tournament play to an end.

SMSD v. EC Drury
Set 1: 25-15
Set 2: 18-25
Set 3: 15-5

The girls finished 3rd place overall and are heading home feeling good. Please congratulate them all on a great weekend. They all did an amazing job and should really be proud of themselves. Our next game will be this Tuesday, Sept. 26th. Please come out and show your support to our ladies as they continue their season.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

-The Lady Bisons played in their first game of the season against the Lady Lions from Central Baptist. After some early jitters, they settled in to play their game, but couldn’t seem to hold it together long enough to take the lead. Captains, Zarielle Ormsby and Elliana Sanders, kept their team in check, covering the floor and contributing several tips and hits over the net. Players, Aubrey Krieger and JulieRaye Drabant, showed some amazing serving development since last season and rookie, Yiandhi Garcia, opened her varsity career with a successful hit over the net and several serving points. Overall, the girls tried their hardest and will take this as a learning experience for future games. They will definitely have more chances to take on the Lions this season in a bid for redemption.

Set 1: 17-25
Set 2: 12-25
Set 3: 23-25

Record: 0-1